Newbridge School

Astrum Multi Academy Trust


On 1st August we successfully converted to form the Astrum Multi Academy Trust

We continue to support all pupils in Redbridge who have complex SEN and the local SEN community.

Our vision is to develop to support a wider group of pupils in the local areas  who have Special Educational Needs and to widen their opportunities in partnership with the Local Authority.

We are seeking to develop schools in the local area through the Governments Free schools Programme starting with a bid in the Redbridge Local Authority Commissioned Special Schools Bid which is currently open. This would enable us to develop the Early Years and Key Stage 1 school for pupils with a range of complex needs from initial assessments into an inclusive school career. 

Below is the Redbridge Specifications and the Consultation letter to parents/carers ,  and we welcome comments and support from others who are interested in our Trust and Schools. 



Current Early Years and Key stage 1 Free school Bid