Newbridge School

and Special Educational Needs services

Early Years Advisory & Support Service

From September 2017 the Early Years Advisory and Support Service will be moving to:

The Ray Lodge Centre

91 Ray Lodge Road

Woodford Green


IG8 7PG 

The Service offers assessment and support for children within the Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception Classes) in a number of different ways: -

  • Support for children at the Early Years Action Plus stage.
  • Support for children undergoing Statutory Assessment.
  • Monitoring and Advice to schools.
  • Training Packages for: -
    - Schools
    - Parents (e.g. Early Bird and Time Out for Special Needs)
    - Teachers
    -Learning Support Assistants    - Early Years for Professionals


Early Years Action Plus
Both the school and the educational psychologist will have identified that a child needs additional support (e.g. Early Bird ‘Time out for Special Needs’) to that which is usually available within the mainstream nursery or reception classroom. Referrals to the Service are made jointly between educational psychologists and schools.

The support of the Early Years Assessment Service will be short term, (initially for six weeks) and will focus on specific targets, which have been agreed at a planning meeting to which Parents will have been invited. All the children will have complex special educational needs.

Statutory Assessment
Referrals to the Service are made via the Educational Psychology Service to the Pre-School Liaison Group or the Special Educational Needs Panel. Support will continue until the Statutory Assessment process has been completed, although the amount of support may change, particularly once assessment reports have been completed.

Children will attend their mainstream nursery or reception class. Support will consist of monitoring and advice or regular input from an Assessment Support Teacher. Additional support from a Specialist Teaching Assistant may also be available on a part time basis. Support is organised to complement school-resourced support.

Parents of children supported by the Service may also be invited to join coffee mornings or workshops.

National Autistic Early Bird 0-5
This is for parents of pre-school children with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder. It is a three-month programme working with a maximum of six families at a time.

Through a series of daytime training programmes and home visits, the NAS Early Bird programme works in partnership with parents to develop understanding of autistic spectrum disorder, to help manage behaviour and to develop children’s communication skills.

Referrals from any source can be made directly to the service. Referrals from parents themselves are welcome.

National Autistic Early Bird 5-8
This programme is for parents/carers and professionals of young children 4-8 years with a diagnosis of Autism, to encourage a consistent approach between home and school. Each family is allocated two places for carers and one professional. Referrals from any source can be made directly to the service. Referrals from parents themselves are welcome.

Time Out for Special Needs – Positive Parenting  Course
This is a short course for parents or carers of children supported by our service. It aims to develop successful relationships between parents or carers and their children, recognising the additional challenges children with special needs present.

Parents can often feel isolated and frustrated when standard parenting advice just isn’t enough. The sessions aim to be both fun and informative whilst encouraging and building upon parents existing skills. Referrals from any source can be made directly to the service.

Contacting the service

The Early Years Advisory and Support Service is based at 102A Pretoria Road, Ilford,
Essex IG1 2HW. -  020 8478 8882

Karen Curran, the Head of Service can be contacted at