Newbridge School

SERC – Special Educational Resource

Redbridge Special Education Resource Centre (S.E.R.C.) is an I.C.T. support service for pupils who have very complex communication, physical or learning needs.

The service will assess pupils between the ages of 4 and 18 in a range of educational settings across the London Borough of Redbridge, but may also consider referrals from neighbouring Local Authorities.

Pupils are referred to the service by;

  • The school S.E.N.C.O in consultation with teaching staff
  • An educational psychologist
  • The Local Authority
  • Other advisory agencies or outreach services

Pupils are always seen in chronological referral order unless a student is very sick or school placement is in danger.

Support may be offered through;
Individual Assessment
Following an assessment visit, a report along with recommendations for action, is provided to the school. If necessary a request will be made to the Local Authority to fund hardware and basic software for use by the individual pupil. It is the schools responsibility to purchase any other software recommended in the report. Full training and ongoing support in the use of the equipment is provided.
Continuing Professional Development and Training

Sessions can be provided to schools, other agencies and parents.

The service has a small staff team who work part-time;
Head of Service - Clair Warner

Currently the Service is funded one day a week. There are two Teachers who work in the Service who complete all the assessments and make recommendations to the Local Authority regarding the purchase of equipment for individual pupils.

I.C.T. Resource Technician 

The SERC Technician is funded 4 days a week to provide technical support and training across the LEA, to Students and Schools supported by SERC. He can train staff and parents and will provide ongoing technical support should equipment break/need updating etc.

Contacting the service;
S.E.R.C. is based at Newbridge School Barley Lane Campus. The direct line (with answer phone) is 020 8503 8773. email

The SERC Tehcnician's email is

Clair Warner, Head of External Services, can be contacted at


Service criteria, referral forms and a host of information can be found on the SERC website